Working together within the relationship.

Understanding your individuality.

Reaching for deeper meaning

toward the changes you desire. 

We work toward your goals by exploring, not just your behavior, but the underlying feelings and thoughts, which interfere with your ability to make the changes you desire.

Working Together Toward Change

About Jan Search

Working with Children, Adolescents, Individual Adults, Parents, and Couples for over 30 years​

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, & Parent Coaching

​Psychodynamic/ Psychoanalytic Principles

  • Value Placed on the Therapeutic Relationship

  • Open Communication

  • Looking Beyond the Obvious

  • Discover the Unknown

  • Finding Your True Self

My Services ​

I place importance of the relationship with you in the therapy and emphasize getting to know you as an individual.​​

Please contact Jan Search, MSW, LICSW, to learn how I might be helpful.

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